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Genocide policy

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Some reflections of the SS Reichsfuhrer Hitler about treating the locals in the eastern territories

Not later than May 25, 1940.
A matter of state importance!

When treating local people in the eastern territories we must proceed from the fact that we will have to generally recognize as more separate nations as possible and state our attitude towards them. That means that together with the Poles and Jews, we also have to think about Ukranians, Belorussians, Lemkies, Kashubies,Gorakis and about many other nations who we will probably have to deal with.

Thereby I state that we are extremely interested in not letting eastern nations unite. On the contrary, we must spit them into small groups and branches. As for separate nations, we are not going to allow them to get closer and bigger, let alone allowing them to cultivate the sense of national identity and culture. Quite the contrary, we are concerned with splintering them into numerous small groups...

I hope we will be able to completely destroy the very concept of a 'jew', because we think there is a possibility of resettling all jews in Africa or some other colony. However, we will need rather more time to exterminate Ukranians, Gorakis and Lemkies on our territory.

All that was said about these separate nations also concerns Poles most of all.

The system of education as well as the question of youth selecting and filtering is a crucial question for solving all these problems. There must not be any high schools for non-Germans in the eastern territories. 4 years of education should be enough for them. The purpose of education in such a school is just to learn to count till 500 maximum, to learn to put a signature, and to learn to understand that the divine precept is only about submitting to Germans, being honest, diligent and obedient. I consider having a skill of reading is useless.

There must not be any other schools apart from such schools in eastern territories.

[16, p. 21-22]

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