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Genocide policy

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La V. No. 52/41, the city of Kdos.

12 requirements to how Germans should behave in the East and how they should treat Russians

Do not talk. Act! You are never going to out-talk Russians or persuade them by speeches. A Russian is better at talking than you are, he is a born dialectitian and he iherited the gift of "being philosophical". You are always going to lose in your debates and conversations. Therefore you can only act. Russians are impressed by your acts only, because they themselves are womanlike and sentimental.

… Russians only want to be governed by a crowd of people. And Germans will exercise exactly this affect, because thus Russians wish of "Come and rule us" will come true. Therefore, a Russian should not have the impression that you hesitate. You must be people of action and activity, who can decide what to do without beating about the bush and who give precise commands. Only in this case a russian will serve you like a lamb. Do not rely on German customs and traditions, forget everything German, apart form Germany itself.

To need, to starve, to agree for less — that is what the destiny of a russian man has been for centuries. His stomach is flexible, so you do not have to be sympathetic. Do not try to impose the German way of life or try to change their lifestyle.

Depend only on yourselves. There should be no complaints or requests to higher authorities. Be your own assistant and may God help you!

Berlin. June 1, 1941.
Signature of Bake.

[8, p. 46]

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