Khatyn is an outstanding work of monumental art


The architectural and artistic construction of the memorial complex is original and impressive. It synthesized different arts and it carries a patriotic idea expressed by realistic artistic means. It eloquently and vividly narrates about the tragedy and the courage of Belorussian people during the Great Patriotic War. The monument to the victims of fascism is original, laconic, while at the same time simple and lucid.

The exclusively strong emotional effect is reached due to the harmony with nature, sound accompaniment and perfection of the architecture.

The exploit of the whole nation is immortalized in the image of the unconquered inhabitant of the village of Khatyn, who is carrying his son massacred by fascists to whom the man never bowed. Every fourth Belorussian perished in the fight against fascism.

The memorial does not only reveal the grief for the dead, but also the feeling of pride for the courage and resistance of Belorussian people.

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The authors of the memorial are architects Y. Gradov, L. Levin, V. Zankovich and sculptor S. Selikhanov. All of them were recipients of the Lenin Prize in 1970.

Authors at the meeting with the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus — Masherov P. M.
From left to right: Y. Gradov, V. Makarevich — chief engineer of the project; L. Levin, V. Zankovich, S. Selikhanov, Masherov P. M.

The memorial complex "Khatyn" is in the list of the monuments which belong to the historic and culture heritage.

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